Singapore Cardiac Society 35th Annual Scientific Meeting

Welcome to SCS ASM 2024



Adding Healthspan beyond Lifespan.” This is the theme of our 2024 Singapore Cardiac Society Annual Scientific Meeting. We are reminded that innovations in cardiovascular medicine has progressed significantly in the last 2 decades such that we are improving our patient’s quality of life so that they stay active even as they enjoy a longer lifespan. This goes beyond just pharmaceuticals and device therapy, but also involves empowering our primary healthcare providers and allied healthcare professionals to provide holistic care to our patients. Similarly, our meeting will provide sessions that keep us updated with clinical guidelines and how we can apply them in clinical practice.

In our upcoming meeting, we look to learn from our colleagues the research behind and the utility of new classes of therapeutics in heart failure, cardio-metablic syndrome. We will also provide more opportunities for education on the role of exercise in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Our meeting will continue to host opportunities for us to interact with our friends across primary and tertiary care centres, regional and international colleagues to collaborate in clinical care strategies and research.

I look forward to meeting you at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel April 26 – 28, 2024.

Dr Colin Yeo

Clin Asst Prof Colin Yeo
Organising Chairman

Dr Sim Hui Wen
Scientific Chairman